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Between you and me by Atul Khanna

42510097No. of pages : 300
Publisher : Bloomsbury India
Published on : September 18th, 2018
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My review

Let me confess. This book was a tough read for me. For heaven’s sake, I wish the author thought beforehand whether his book would be understood by a layman. Much of my poor understanding stems from my lack of awareness of India's economical, political, social, constitutional and administration affairs. With an exception of the beginning chapters, the more and more I progressed, it became hard to harder (occasionally relax-able read) for me to interpret what he is trying to say .

But it is true, he has so much knowledge (evidently) and I acknowledge wholeheartedly for the time and effort he has taken to write and publish. It does motivate the readers to ponder over what he has said and make a life changing decisive action. I liked his saying in the initial chapter, we need to approach the problem with the spirit of right is right even if no one is doing it, wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.  

To say it in simple, ‘Between you and me’ is an honest conversation of the author to the readers in order to elucidate their rights to peace, power and prosperity. Moreover,the book’s aim is to make oneself upright. Now comes the real catch. How will the readers going to benefit from this book?Will it be possible for any common public who has no previous knowledge or that much cognizance of the complex topics to get enlightened through his work? Let me leave this up to you. 

He has spoken about all the problems we find in the society on an intense level. These problems that are existing didn't fall out of the blue and the solutions can be found right here (problem is us, solution is us-this is the reality). The author has very high standards. One striking quality is, he is a humanitarian by heart. It will be wrong on my part to criticize this prodigious caliber and suspect his forwardness to enrich India for his wealth creation . Truly, he will become a winner when his book is read by people who are knowledgeable in the variety of subjects he has discussed.

I can guarantee that the solutions inside the book can work like magic when people working in the top ranking positions in every field get to read this for the sake of a healthier India. I will now stick on to what inspired me and most importantly, what is my perception from the read in a succinct manner.     

Injustices have always happened since the world was created from ‘0’. How can we stop these from recurring and put a halt once for all? It’s easier said than done. The brilliant account he has given about the injustices done to Eklavya and Karna, the two historical figures from the puranas still seeking redemption is marvellous. Fairness and justice must triumph over all. That’s what this book is all about.

Why do social inequity is in existence in this 21st century? Why are we still clutching on to blind traditions, caste, parentage and privileges? Have we learnt the lessons sincerely from our invaders who played with our weakness of our self-created muck and using their guile, took the opportunity to disrobe us or do we still need to be reminded about the possibility of the worst that can happen to our country because of foolishness? As long as historical wrongs like murder, rape, inequality, etc defining India do not get corrected and brought to justice, our country will remain a backward nation. Whenever we get opportunity, we need to correct it without postponing for days, months, years and decades as they act as the reasons for the XL challenges delaying India's growth.

Some of the notable leaders (known to us as great leaders) of India such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawarhal Nehru, Bhimrao Ambedkar, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Indira Gandhi to our current prime minister Narendra Modi’s political blunders and good works is analyzed practically. Shocking revelations about favoritism by people of authority and India’s loss of potential leaders who would have otherwise made a vast difference to the growth of India is eye opening. What makes our country still a developing nation and why when politicians even if they change every 5 years do not deliver the promise they made to the public is revealed to the readers.

The dignity and security of the top leaders almost always in peril , the other leaders(actors or politicians) don’t learn from the mistakes committed by the previous and the current leaders neither do they improve their behaviors nor broaden their horizons for the welfare of the citizens and enhancement of their emotional health. Are they as a fact care about themselves and safeguarding their positions going round and round in circles taking copious amount of time to prove a point they are righteous people with good intentions or are they genuinely concerned with the interests of the public than about their own personal and professional interests? Which one is true? Leaders keep changing yet India hasn’t achieved any big changes to the society with regard to development in all the sectors. Why is that must be asked by the public by throwing caution to the wind.

The case of Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive issue and the author has handled the subject in a diplomatic manner. Pakistan, Arunachal Pradesh, China, Dubai and Saudi is given attention in the book and why there’s so much confusion, fights or differences with our neighbor countries is addressed with diligence . India has lot of natural advantages in Dubai but can it buy land there? Indians work in Saudi and sadly temples cannot be built.

Between you and me is the right book for any one who wants to know the solutions to every problem from crime to business to banking to health care to education to science and technology to media to social laws and many such not only politics. The author has taken the key responsibility to guide the people with power (also us common public) to trust in his words in hope for a brighter future with limitless happiness. Should this book been written in an effective and efficient manner (Parliaments, legislatures, bureaucrats, etc are quite puzzling for a starter to absorb its operations that's not clearly told) keeping in view for everyone to understand (translation in other Indian languages will also be welcomed), there’s no need to be dubious about the positive impact it will create in the mindset of every citizen of India.

I loved this line, “Foreign investments, trade and exports are serious issues and are among the highest catalysts in achieving social equity, infrastructure, education, entrepreneurship and wealth” from the chapter “Integrating with the world”. How true these words are!The information that the author earned 99% of his income from Europe than in India is surprising to hear. His explanation is reasonable and we, the Indians need to embrace facts. India must be build on people’s goals not on ideologies is a truth, the leaders must make a note. The author’s observation about why we do well abroad not here in India, every citizen must know and be ashamed. Let the author’s words be prophetic that 20 million jobs be created in our country. Overall, the book is revolutionary. A must read by scholars, politicians and educators. 

Rating 4/5  

Disclaimer I received the book as a part of review program in Outset


  1. Ok.
    Did you actually read the book or get someone else to review it for you?

    1. I am truly sorry for the late reply. Just now saw your comment today. Why it sounds to you like I didn't review the book. I reviewed it. Please don't doubt that.

    2. This book was reviewed within 3 days of accepting the review copy. So I hope you can understand my laziness in reading the book. But I wrote the review to the best of my knowledge and understanding. Reading non-fiction was never my cup of my tea when I started reading books initially but I began to like it for the reason it gives lot of knowledge and hope for a much more brighter, comfortable living. I hope you read my review of a physics book (am a commerce graduate by the way) and see why I am challenging myself and conclude your understanding of me. Probably you will find answers to the question why I read non-fiction when I am attracted to reading fiction.



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