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America’s Future: Enlightenment or Dystopia? A Case of Enlightenment

Hello to all. Today, I have my guest Mr. George J. Chanos who is the author of two extremely good books "Millennial Samurai: A Mindset For The 21st Century" and "Seize Your Destiny: A Roadmap to Success. Choices That Lead to a Happy, Successful, and Meaningful Life". These titles alone drives me to get my hands on these two books and get myself enlightened to live an extraordinary life for the rest of my life. How about you? Certainly he is someone who is an inspiration to each one of us. There's not a single doubt he lives by example.

To those not yet aware of him and his books-

George J. Chanos
, Esq. served as Nevada's 31st Attorney General. He administered Nevada's Department of Justice and acted as the state's chief legal officer and advisor. Prior to serving as Nevada's Attorney General, Mr. Chanos had a distinguished legal career, representing individual and corporate clients on all matters relating to the growth and management of their businesses. Mr. Chanos has a common sense approach to dealing with problems and a unique ability to understand and explain complex issues. He also has a clear vision and uncommon insights, concerning how anyone, regardless of circumstance, can design and lead a happy, successful and meaningful life. Mr. Chanos is a father and an uncle. His daughter, Alexandra, is a freshman at University of Nevada, Las Vegas and his nephew, David, is a graduate of San Diego State University. They are both Millenials. They are the inspiration for his first book, Seize Your Destiny.

Description of Seize Your Destiny (Book 1) :

What lessons do you want to leave your children? George J. Chanos, Esq. served as Nevada’s 31st Attorney General. In November of 2012, he suffered a major heart attack. It made him reflect upon his own mortality and sharpened his focus on what’s truly important. It inspired him to reduce to writing what he considers to be life’s most important lessons - lessons that he believes will help his family lead a happy, successful and meaningful life. These are those lessons. Seize Your Destiny represents the advice that he is sharing with his daughter and his nephew - both Millennials.

As he began reducing his thoughts to writing, he realized that publishing this advice as a book could advance a broader purpose. It would allow him to make a contribution that might enrich the lives of other families - perhaps even entire communities. Seize Your Destiny is offered in that spirit and with that hope. Mr. Chanos has a common sense approach to dealing with problems and a unique ability to understand and explain complex issues. He also has a clear vision and uncommon insights concerning how anyone, regardless of circumstance, can overcome the challenges they face and go on to design and lead a happy, successful and meaningful life. Seize you Destiny provides that important insight and direction.

Description of Millennial Samurai (Book 2) :

"Regardless of what age you are, if you want to make the most of your one and only life, read Millennial Samurai."Moments change lives. It can happen as a result of something you see, something you hear, something you read, or something you experience. It’s essentially an epiphany moment that touches you on a conscious or unconscious level. A discovery that makes you see things differently, inspires you to action, gives you hope, or offers a new or alternative perspective. Many who read Millennial Samurai will experience these epiphany moments—and for some, it will be life-changing. Different chapters will speak to different readers. What touches or inspires you may be very different—yet only one chapter away—from what touches your daughter or your son. There are lessons here for everyone. Over the next thirty years, technology will redefine life as we know it, in a way that is beyond our ability to even comprehend.

To survive and thrive in the 21st Century, you will need to pivot and adapt to a rapidly and radically changing environment. You will need to engage in a process of lifelong learning, unlearning and re-learning. And you will need to learn how to think critically and guard against misinformation, all while surfing a tsunami of technological change. Those who are able to do this will be the Millennial Samurai—who will lead their generation and future generations through the 21st Century. Millennial Samurai will teach you how to surf that tsunami and dance with machines. It will; help you to see yourself and the world more clearly, guide you in your search for the truth, help you to distinguish fact from fiction, improve your ability to communicate, enhance your relationships, assist you in identifying your passions and encourage you to lead a more successful and more meaningful life. Action is magic. Take action now by reading Millennial Samurai and begin to make the most of your one and only life. technological revolution will present a myriad of opportunities to advance humanity’s collective interests, in ways that have never before been possible. What we do with these opportunities, and whether America evolves or regresses moving forward, will depend on the choices we make. 

Let's now read his post on a trending topic

America's future : Enlightenment or Dystopia -A case of enlightenment

An introduction

The technological revolution will present a myriad of opportunities to advance humanity’s collective interests, in ways that have never before been possible. What we do with these opportunities, and whether America evolves or regresses moving forward, will depend on the choices we make.

Social media is among the first of these opportunities. It represents the first wave of the technological revolution and provides an obvious path toward greater Enlightenment.

Leveraging social media to create a path toward greater Enlightenment will require a conscious and collective choice. It will require that we value intelligence over ignorance and learning over entertainment. It will also require that we prioritize the public interest over corporate profits.

The History of Enlightenment

Prior to the 18th century, most of western civilization’s collective knowledge came from the world’s churches and monarchies. It wasn’t until the 18th century that knowledge became more widely accessible, through the writings of scientists and philosophers like Newton, Voltaire and Kant, in what became known as The Enlightenment.

The Enlightenment ushered in a new era of consciousness in which knowledge, access to information and a free exchange of ideas flourished. Scientific academies, literary salons and coffee houses, together with printed books, journals and pamphlets gave birth to collective thought and elevated critical thinking. Knowledge was no longer the province or the privilege of those in authority. It was open to anyone — and it created a meritocracy of ideas.

A New Form of Cultural Influence

Today, social media represents a new form of cultural influence. It is both a repository of our collective knowledge and our collective ignorance. It contains both truths and falsehoods, offering good and bad examples. And it serves us only to the extent that we can recognize the difference.

The problem is that many of us lack the ability to discern the difference. Many of us don’t know how to learn or think critically. And some, whether out of arrogance, ignorance or a sense of hopelessness, don’t even try. Some simply imitate — the good and the bad.

In the early days of social media, most of us assumed that a massive increase in global connectivity and shared information would be good for humanity. That optimism has now subsided as the list of known or suspected social media harms has grown.

Online political discussions are now often less civil and more divisive than those in real life; face to face communication is becoming a lost art — replaced by texting; “Ghosting,” “sexting” and “cyberbullying” are the new unwelcome additions to our cultural lexicon; networks of ideological eco-chambers fuel extremist views; and violent fanaticism is used to lure the uninformed and the disenfranchised down troubling paths.

The influence of social media, which now increasingly focuses on scandals, pranks and extremist views, is particularly threatening for younger generations, who have had less opportunity to acquire a broad base of knowledge; become familiar with humanity’s accumulated wisdom; and/or develop the ability to discern fact from fiction. According to a recent PISA study by the Organization for Economic Co-Development, only 13.5% of 15-year-olds in the U.S. can distinguish fact from opinion in a complex reading assignment — only 9% globally.

Change is Coming

The world is at a tipping point, poised to either evolve into a “Second Enlightenment” or fall into “Dystopian Division.” The choice is ours.

The increasing political, social, economic and environmental volatility that we are all witnessing is unprecedented and alarming.

One thing is clear — this represents a technological tsunami on the immediate horizon.

The Need for Adaptation

Success and survival in the 21st century will require an ability to acquire, analyze and integrate diverse sources of information while guarding against misinformation. It will require critical thinking.

Justice Souter warned, "Our republican government isn’t threatened by foreign invasion or a military coup, but by civic ignorance.”

This is especially true when misinformation is weaponized and intentionally deployed in highly targeted disinformation campaigns.

Thomas Jefferson said, “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."

Division is at an all-time high. Studies have shown that we are now more polarized as a nation, than at any time since the Civil War. America is now divided into two tribes, Republicans and Democrats.

At a time when we should be planning and preparing, we are instead divided by race, age, sex, religion, economics and identity politics. And we are paralyzed by political corruption and dysfunction.

If social media algorithms and profit driven business models create perverse incentives, which foster moral outrage rather than authentic communication, and create threats to our children and our democracy, then we need to look for ways to reduce and reverse those incentives. We need to adapt.

One such approach already being evaluated by some platforms is “demetrication,” the process of obscuring like and share counts so that individual pieces of content are evaluated on their merits, rather than subjecting users to an endless series of popularity contests.

We need to reduce the reach of unverified accounts, identify bad actors, trolls, foreign agents, and provocateurs, who game and misuse the system by trafficking in false, misleading and emotionally divisive information.

We need to harness this amazing technology to advance humanity’s shared interest in ushering in a new and more powerful Enlightenment — rather than allow it to lead us into greater peril.

The Path to Enlightenment

In the end, true Enlightenment will require that we develop an ability to think critically; a love of learning; an insatiable curiosity; a desire for the truth; and an intelligence that is derived from all of the above.

This is how we create a second Enlightenment. We do it by leveraging technology and the best minds on the planet. We do it by choosing to do it — rather than by inciting division and wasting precious time on meaningless or harmful distractions. We do it by making the right choices — now!

My thoughts on his article

What is truly shocking for me to hear from Mr. George J. Chanos is only 9% of 15 year olds globally are able to separate facts from opinions. This statistics makes me question the authenticity of internet and its role in people's everyday lives. Are most people complicating their lives in the name of modernization? Are we experiencing technological advancement or technological backwardness? It is also making me wonder about whether social media corrupts people's hearts and minds to the fullest and make the innocents vulnerable to various threats. The accelerating social media crimes and other heinous crimes all over the world are very alarming. How do we stop it? Does education mean nothing in today's society? Does it make people dull or smart?From what I conclude from my self-learning and through author's words, it has made a large number of  people dumb. I am embarrassed to admit it includes me. What is your opinion?  Now, I am curious to know where we went wrong and how to correct ourselves by reading his book, Millenial Samurai.

I wish author George J. Chanos, best of luck in his future endeavors and a sincere thanks for agreeing to be a guest on my blog and speak about the misery of 21st century and the choices we need to make to live a fulfilled life.

Dear readers, I hope you people thoroughly loved and enjoyed his post like me. I will be reading both his books and reviewing here very soon. If you are impatient, get his books on Amazon and share with me your thoughts once you have read it so that I can also get enlightened about your views on the author's books.

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Spotlight : Something old, something new

Something Old, Something New
- A DRA Production

Seven bestselling authors. Seven incredible second chance romances. One epic anthology. 

What would you do for another chance with the one you love? 

Something Old, Something New - a unique novella anthology - tries to answer this question with fantastic, different, desi dramas. 

Whether it is shapeshifters or shifting interracial relationships, single moms in small towns or rich alpha heroes, friends-to-lovers or passionate ex-husbands; this anthology has something for everyone. 
Something Old, Something New explores the many different facets of love, forgiveness, fated mates and more in seven, distinctly Indian tales!

Paper Hearts and Promises by Devika Fernando

Seven years later, their paper hearts and promises still mean the world!

Happy running her little crafts shop and making a lifelong dream come true, the last thing Taara needs is to be reminded of heartbreak. But when Luke, the handsome architect from Australia—and the first man she ever loved—is thrown back into her life, the past and the present collide. She should absolutely not listen to her feelings and jeopardize her stable future, no matter how tempting a second chance seems.

When Luke returns to India after seven years, the last thing he expects is to meet Taara again. He’s here on business, not to lose his heart to the one woman who’s haunted his dreams for entirely too long. Why then does he feel like fighting for what seemed irrevocably lost? Why can’t he resist temptation?

Read an Excerpt from Paper Hearts and Promises

Of all the places, all the people in this city, it had to be her.

Too absorbed in the conversation with what seemed to be a prospective client fussing and demanding like only the entitled ones of this world did it so ruthlessly, Taara hadn’t noticed his presence yet. It gave him time to assemble his features into what he hoped didn’t betray his emotional turmoil—and time to feast his eyes on her like a starving man.
Time had been kind to her, and it had worked its magic as assuredly as his imagination had whenever he’d pictured how she might look now. Still on the shortish side and with the most beautiful smile he’d ever seen, Taara was as beguiling as his somewhat rose-tinted recollections.

She wore her hair shorter now, falling past her shoulders in a high ponytail instead of loose, glossy black tresses reaching the small of her back. A hint of red and brown highlights peeked through the strands he knew were as soft as silk yet surprisingly strong. Dressed in a bohemian-style tunic and beige leggings, she seemed curvier than he remembered her; the girl on the cusp of womanhood who had turned heads all over campus had grown into the alluring woman Luke had known her to be.

Next to the elder woman with her sequin-adorned salwar kameez and layer upon layer of aptly applied make up, she looked like a breath of fresh air. Two tiny golden ear studs glinted in her lobes, and colorful beaded bracelets tinkled and clinked softly against each other on her slender wrists when she gesticulated to argue her point.

Luke couldn’t take his eyes off her. The instant spark of recognition morphed into a flame of desire to touch her that ridiculed the seven years lying between today and the last time she’d been in his arms.
As if she had felt his gaze, Taara abruptly raised her head and glanced at him. Time stood still as their eyes met and held, and he could’ve sworn she would faint because she swayed alarmingly. So she had recognized him too, immediately and without even a word spoken. A small feeling of victory, perhaps vindication, stoked the flames burning inside him when her hand fluttered towards her mouth on a gasp.

She righted herself the next moment, tearing her gaze away and muttering something in affirmation when her customer pressed a business card into her hand. A hand that shook, he saw with grim satisfaction.

More words were exchanged before the woman left the shop, doing a comical double take when she spied him close to the entrance. Then they were alone, and the air inside the shop grew too tense to breathe.
Taara remained where she was, her hands now gripping the counter but her eyes drinking him up as greedily as his had raked her from head to toe. Lingering. Almost caressing rather than just assessing. He watched her throat muscles twitch on a convulsive swallow and at last crossed the few feet to where she stood.


She inclined her head the tiniest bit, her soulful eyes wide and with a dozen emotions swirling in their depths. Her face betrayed none of them, only mild shock.


The laden silence stretched until they both spoke at the same time.

“Is this your shop?”

“What are you doing here?”

About the Author:
Having always loved to read and write, Devika Fernando made her dream come true in 2014 when she became a self-published novelist. The author with German and Sri Lankan roots has released more than 15 novels in the genres of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. Her trademark is writing sweet and sensual, deeply emotional stories with authentic characters. Many of her books feature multicultural couples in international settings.


First Prize - A Kindle

Second Prize - 6 Months Kindle Unlimited Subscription

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Between you and me by Atul Khanna

42510097No. of pages : 300
Publisher : Bloomsbury India
Published on : September 18th, 2018
Book links : Goodreads Amazon
Author links : Goodreads AILF

My review

Let me confess. This book was a tough read for me. For heaven’s sake, I wish the author thought beforehand whether his book would be understood by a layman. Much of my poor understanding stems from my lack of awareness of India's economical, political, social, constitutional and administration affairs. With an exception of the beginning chapters, the more and more I progressed, it became hard to harder (occasionally relax-able read) for me to interpret what he is trying to say .

But it is true, he has so much knowledge (evidently) and I acknowledge wholeheartedly for the time and effort he has taken to write and publish. It does motivate the readers to ponder over what he has said and make a life changing decisive action. I liked his saying in the initial chapter, we need to approach the problem with the spirit of right is right even if no one is doing it, wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.  

To say it in simple, ‘Between you and me’ is an honest conversation of the author to the readers in order to elucidate their rights to peace, power and prosperity. Moreover,the book’s aim is to make oneself upright. Now comes the real catch. How will the readers going to benefit from this book?Will it be possible for any common public who has no previous knowledge or that much cognizance of the complex topics to get enlightened through his work? Let me leave this up to you. 

He has spoken about all the problems we find in the society on an intense level. These problems that are existing didn't fall out of the blue and the solutions can be found right here (problem is us, solution is us-this is the reality). The author has very high standards. One striking quality is, he is a humanitarian by heart. It will be wrong on my part to criticize this prodigious caliber and suspect his forwardness to enrich India for his wealth creation . Truly, he will become a winner when his book is read by people who are knowledgeable in the variety of subjects he has discussed.

I can guarantee that the solutions inside the book can work like magic when people working in the top ranking positions in every field get to read this for the sake of a healthier India. I will now stick on to what inspired me and most importantly, what is my perception from the read in a succinct manner.     

Injustices have always happened since the world was created from ‘0’. How can we stop these from recurring and put a halt once for all? It’s easier said than done. The brilliant account he has given about the injustices done to Eklavya and Karna, the two historical figures from the puranas still seeking redemption is marvellous. Fairness and justice must triumph over all. That’s what this book is all about.

Why do social inequity is in existence in this 21st century? Why are we still clutching on to blind traditions, caste, parentage and privileges? Have we learnt the lessons sincerely from our invaders who played with our weakness of our self-created muck and using their guile, took the opportunity to disrobe us or do we still need to be reminded about the possibility of the worst that can happen to our country because of foolishness? As long as historical wrongs like murder, rape, inequality, etc defining India do not get corrected and brought to justice, our country will remain a backward nation. Whenever we get opportunity, we need to correct it without postponing for days, months, years and decades as they act as the reasons for the XL challenges delaying India's growth.

Some of the notable leaders (known to us as great leaders) of India such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jawarhal Nehru, Bhimrao Ambedkar, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Indira Gandhi to our current prime minister Narendra Modi’s political blunders and good works is analyzed practically. Shocking revelations about favoritism by people of authority and India’s loss of potential leaders who would have otherwise made a vast difference to the growth of India is eye opening. What makes our country still a developing nation and why when politicians even if they change every 5 years do not deliver the promise they made to the public is revealed to the readers.

The dignity and security of the top leaders almost always in peril , the other leaders(actors or politicians) don’t learn from the mistakes committed by the previous and the current leaders neither do they improve their behaviors nor broaden their horizons for the welfare of the citizens and enhancement of their emotional health. Are they as a fact care about themselves and safeguarding their positions going round and round in circles taking copious amount of time to prove a point they are righteous people with good intentions or are they genuinely concerned with the interests of the public than about their own personal and professional interests? Which one is true? Leaders keep changing yet India hasn’t achieved any big changes to the society with regard to development in all the sectors. Why is that must be asked by the public by throwing caution to the wind.

The case of Jammu and Kashmir is a sensitive issue and the author has handled the subject in a diplomatic manner. Pakistan, Arunachal Pradesh, China, Dubai and Saudi is given attention in the book and why there’s so much confusion, fights or differences with our neighbor countries is addressed with diligence . India has lot of natural advantages in Dubai but can it buy land there? Indians work in Saudi and sadly temples cannot be built.

Between you and me is the right book for any one who wants to know the solutions to every problem from crime to business to banking to health care to education to science and technology to media to social laws and many such not only politics. The author has taken the key responsibility to guide the people with power (also us common public) to trust in his words in hope for a brighter future with limitless happiness. Should this book been written in an effective and efficient manner (Parliaments, legislatures, bureaucrats, etc are quite puzzling for a starter to absorb its operations that's not clearly told) keeping in view for everyone to understand (translation in other Indian languages will also be welcomed), there’s no need to be dubious about the positive impact it will create in the mindset of every citizen of India.

I loved this line, “Foreign investments, trade and exports are serious issues and are among the highest catalysts in achieving social equity, infrastructure, education, entrepreneurship and wealth” from the chapter “Integrating with the world”. How true these words are!The information that the author earned 99% of his income from Europe than in India is surprising to hear. His explanation is reasonable and we, the Indians need to embrace facts. India must be build on people’s goals not on ideologies is a truth, the leaders must make a note. The author’s observation about why we do well abroad not here in India, every citizen must know and be ashamed. Let the author’s words be prophetic that 20 million jobs be created in our country. Overall, the book is revolutionary. A must read by scholars, politicians and educators. 

Rating 4/5  

Disclaimer I received the book as a part of review program in Outset

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DareDreamers : A start-up of superheroes by Kartik Sharma and Ravi Nirmal Sharma

40884386No. of pages : 296 pages
Publisher : Rupa Publications
Published on : August 15th, 2018
Book links : Goodreads Amazon 
Author links : Kartik Sharma Website Ravi Nirmal Sharma

My review

Entrepreneurship doesn’t come that easily to just anyone. Everyone thinking is not alike. Business can be started by any individual but it’s true only those who dare to differ make a huge impression and leave a mark upon this world. People who are innovative thinkers do big and create history. Others do succeed of course and it's really not just mere luck. The goodwill and the support they have got on their bags helps them to earn a name for themselves. This I would say is a definite blessing for them.

These days so many youngsters think about starting a business of their own. We all have heard such stories of plenty who did great. They hold the passion and the inner drive to climb up the success ladder. Slow and steady wins the race in some cases. In others, clever strategy does the trick to hit the jackpot within days of commencing the business.

Whether it’s a joint venture, partnership or a sole proprietorship, they have a purpose to satisfy their desires and achieve their target. This can be of humanitarian nature, business point of view or in the quest for fame or anything. For their dream is valid, they wish to set their bar so high by turning even a modest idea into massive victory. Bruce Lee rightly said, 'As you think, so shall you become' businessmen goal is to become whatever they want to.  

Daredreamers written by the father-son duo turned out to be a box full of pleasant surprises. The book is spellbinding and I disclose never have I read such a story that is so unique, insightful and full of bold ideas for business. It started with a bang with a hare and tortoise story we all know since childhood and the authors have told in a captivating manner by writing differently. 

Rasiq, our main protagonist is fresh out of college selected for a company as an investment banker. He is the only one chosen for this role out of so many and he is on cloud nine. His happiness is though short-lived.The realization he learns gives him a strong lesson that drives him to concentrate on his dream. He quits his job after two years of being a doormat and to be specific, a slave who fell in love with his captivators as he puts it. 

During the period he worked for the company and earned helluva of money, he has lost so much including his girlfriend due to his arrogance. After a conversation with his father, a brilliant idea comes to his mind which is to start a business on safety. With five other talented dreamers (Aslam joins later) they start “DareDreamers” to rescue people from accidents. Initially, when they approached large concerns, they are rejected for their business model is doubted and not trusted. Then the tables turned. 

Their team gets acknowledged for the intelligent services they promise and their competitor G-force begins to lose in the market. With Narad Money’s help, Rakeysh tries to sabotage their business. How did the “DareDreamers” fight him and regain their lost reputation and create history in the world of business?

If I have to be honest, I don’t know exactly how the business idea will succeed in reality although I appreciate it with all my heart as this is seemingly very good. The scenes in where the team rescues people were exaggerated and for me, it was unbelievable. Supposing, these kinds of accidents mentioned in the book do occur very often, even when there are high numbers of freakishly super talented rescuers exist in the society who are incredibly daring in nature, still I wonder whether the rescuing mission will fall into place.

The twists and turns in the story keeps the read alive. The father-son relationship in the story is superb, beyond amazing just like the one the authors have and I think this is my first time reading a story where the male protagonist has a good rapport with his parents especially with the father. According to me, the first half is hurried and it needs some editing in its story. I would say the writing style is powerful and speaks for itself.On the whole, this is certainly a terrific story that deserves all the praise in the world. It inspires youngsters to put faith in their dreams and believe in their ability to make a difference without fretting about the struggles they would face in the beginning. The authors have done an extraordinary job.

Rating 3.5/5

Excerpts from the novel

Time moved slowly over the thirty-day notice period and Rasiq started acknowledging the little things that he had been ignoring over the past two years. He left office at 6.00 PM every evening and saw the bustling rush of humanity leaving their offices to go home to be with their friends and families. Rasiq couldn't help but wonder if they were also done with only half a workday and would have to don another mask when they got home to tend to other responsibilities-kids's homework, buying groceries, doing repair work on the car or at home. Nobody  was ever truly free. But he was. And he was cherishing every minute of it.

'DareDreamers Private Limited,' Nick said, out loud. 'I like the sound of that.'
It's settled then,' Natasha said. 'DareDreamers it is.'
'I am a DareDreamer!Halka said, thumping his chest.
'I am a Daredreamer!' the others said in unison.

'Tell me Rasiq, you worked at an investment bank. You  must have made any number of business pitches. Were all of them successful?' Natasha asked. 
"That is exactly the point,' Rasiq banged his fist on the table. Can't they see? Are they blind?' I can digest the loss of a few million rupees, but I can't stand the thought of having blood on my hands because of our incompetence or inability to reach time.'

Disclaimer I received the book as a part of review program in Outset

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Dream big by Kat Kronenberg

30817596No. of pages : 48
Publisher : Greenleaf Book Group Press
Published on : January 10th, 2017
Book links : Goodreads Amazon
Author links : Goodreads Twitter Website

My review 

We all love dreaming about something. It can be a fantasy that we wish to come into reality though we know in our heart, it can never be realized yet we love dreaming about it for the pure pleasure it gives us and the idea of the ‘impossibility’ gives us an excitement and the 'never' can happen gives us a motive to inspire our creativity and take solace in it once in a while whenever we are disheartened with the realities of the world. A fantasy author is one such good example. He or she uses her creativity to entertain the readers and make us learn about the importance of using our imaginative skills and believe in the power of our originality. The dream can be positive or negative depending on our perspective or outlook.

There’s nothing wrong in daydreaming about a lie or what will never happen or what is not going to happen in this real world. What is not okay is to keep that to one self and it will be wonderful when we share the ideas with like minded people. And there are realistic dreams and we are obviously sure, these can be achieved with determination, patience and hard work on our part. Then there are dreams which can be realized with others help. There are different forms of dreams. We are all dreamers. We must believe dream is a talent as long as it is not negative. Nobody should discourage anyone’s positive dream neither be discouraged.

‘Dream big’ by Kat Kronenberg is a book that teaches the children, there’s nothing wrong in dreaming. If the children’s dream even cannot be realized we must not discourage them.The caterpillar, tadpole and flamingo wish for something after dreaming about it. The baboon ask them how can it be realized by telling them what is seen. Caterpillar proves ‘you can be anything’, tadpole proves ‘you can do anything’, flamingo proves ‘you can have anything’. Baboon also makes a wish to celebrate everyone’s dream and encourage others too to dream. He is discouraged by a termite. Then it wishes upon at his star and believes he can and proves ‘you can celebrate life’. Termite too believes in a dream. She proves ‘You can love and be loved’. Dream big encourages others to wish, smile big in who we are and believe in our dream. A must read. The book has quality.

Rating 4.5/5

Disclaimer The book was received in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley